Prices   /   inside and outside European market prices for residents inside EU in Euro incl. VAT    
OKM I solo  65,00 €    
OKM I incl.A3 144,50 €    
OKM II classic-rock solo 129,50 €    
OKM II classic-rock incl.A3 185,00 €    
Interface for iPhone and iPads 165,00 165,00 €
OKM II Studio classic-rock solo 185,00 €    
OKM II Studio classic-rock  incl.A3  248,00 €    
OKM II Rock Studio incl. A3 375,00€    
PPA Adapter 135,00€    
A3 adapter   89,00 €    
 A3-XLR adapter 110,00€    
Windshield 110,00€    
Dummy Head black made of MDF

with skin colored pinnae and screw thread for microphone stands

Dummy Head MDF  with build in PPA adapter   569,00€    
Dummy Head MDF bundle with build in PPA and OKM II classic   689,00€    
Dummy Head made of alder with skin colored pinnae  595,00€    
Dummy Head alder with build in PPA adapter   728,00€    
Dummy Head alder with build in PPA and OKM II classic microphone  845,00€    

You can order direct from us use mail contact; . Shipment of all Soundman products ( excepted dummy head due of heavy weight ) will be free of charge to every destination in the world. All Soundman products get three years warranty. If  the earpads are deteriorated after some years,  please send a mail with your address details  and you will get new set free of charge.