Application   /   Microphone OKM I OKM II Classic OKM II CLASSIC STUDIO   OKM II ROCK/ STUDIO
Speech recording,interviews, lectures very good excellent excellent
Broadcast good very good** excellent**
Ambient recording/ASMR recording excellent** excellent**
Music low and middle sound pressure, Classic, Pop, Jazz good very good** excellent**
Music high sound pressure, Rock,Pop very good** excellent**some distance to the stage recom. excellent**
Music very high sound pressure, Hard Rock excellent even direct on stage
DigiCam. with automatic level adjustment very good excellent**
DigiCam. with manual level adjustment very good** excellent** excellent**
Music productions prof. Studio & Live-recordings excellent** excellent**

* with Adapter A3 ** Adapter A3 recommended. If you use an recording device without plug in power always the Adapter A 3 is needed. You will find this information in the description of your recorder. On all recorders providing plug in power the OKM microphones can be used without A 3 adapter (Solo -Version): Due of higher power supply and others the adapter is recommended for some applications (look into the cheme above). For studio-mixer and portable recorders providing XLR-Mic-in an A3-XLR and PPA adapter is available ( you will find more details looking accessories).