Prices      ——————————Prices for residents out of European Union   
OKM I solo   Euro  54,60   
OKM I incl.A3   Euro 130,25  
OKM II classic solo   Euro 105,00   
OKM II classic incl.A3   Euro 155,45   
Euro 155,48
OKM II Studio solo   Euro 155,45   
 OKM II Studio incl.A3  
Euro 208,50   
OKM II Rock Studio incl. A3   Euro 315,25   
PPA Adapter   Euro 113,45  
A3 adapter    Euro  74,75   
A3-XLR adapter   Euro  92,50   
Windshield   Euro  92,50   
Dummy Head black made of MDF

with skin colored pinnae and screw thread for microphone stands

  Euro 292,50  
Dummy Head MDF  with build in PPA adapter    Euro 478,15  
Dummy Head MDF bundle with build in PPA and OKM II classic    Euro 579,00  
Dummy Head made of alder with skin colored pinnae   Euro 500,,00  
Dummy Head alder with build in PPA adapter    Euro 611,75  
Dummy Head alder with build in PPA and OKM II classic microphone Euro 712,50  

You can order direct from us use mail: . Shipment of all Soundman products ( excepted dummy head due of heavy weight ) will be free of charge to every destination in the world. All Soundman products get three years warranty. If  the earpads are deteriorated after some years,  please send a mail with your address details  and you will get new set free of charge.