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SAE Institute in association with University of Middlesex

Bachelor Thesis

Module Name: Research Projekt

Module Number: RA 303

Date Submitted: 27.03.2009

Award Name: Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) Recording Arts Year: 2007 / 2009

Name: Sebastian Salb City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Module Leader: Peter Duhr Word Count: 13206 Wörter


Soundman products are an inexpensive, mobile solution for stereophonic, binaural record- ings. Despite major technical differences between the Soundman OKM and the Neumann KU81i dummy-head, layman sound engineers hear no difference, and professional sound engineers are unable to consistently distinguish the Neumann dummy-head from the Sound- man OKM via direct comparison of example audio recordings.


It will be demonstrated through perceptual experiments, that amateur listeners cannot distinguish between the Neumann KU 81 and the Soundman OKM II Studio Classic and that professional sound engineers have difficulties identifying the Neumann dummy-head in direct comparison. Further experiments will compare technical specifications, such as the frequency response or the distortion factor.


Should our hypothesis be verified, Soundman OKMs could be an attractive option for average consumers, e.g. for making a concert recording by very simple means. By using the OKMs a consumer will achieve a 3D listening experience when auditioning over headphones. Music is increasingly being heard on headphones, and as headphones become more popular, dummy-head recordings will become more relevant. Also for audio engineers the OKMs could be a flexible and fast alternative if there is not enough time to install a dummy-head or an equivalent recording system. This thesis tries to show whether Soundman OKMs can really offer outstanding quality in the direct comparison with the professional… (you can download the whole document HERE)

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