Soundman products at a glance


OKM I solo 30

OKM I solo binaurales microphones suitable for speech

and music. Due of less sensitivity recommended for recordings made by digital cameras providing

automatic recording adjustment.

price: Euro 65,00

OKM I A3 30

OKM I incl. A3 same but even suitable for higher sound pressure and recorders

without working power.

price; Euro 144,50

OKM II solo 30

OKM II Klassik solo

Very sensitive version for ambient recordings and sounds with moderate sound pressure.

price:_ Euro 129,50


OKM incl. A3

OKM II classik incl. A3 adapter

For recordings with higher sound pressure up to 125 dB.

Together with A3 adapter the line-in of your recorder

can be used.

price: Euro 185,00


OKM II Klassik Studio incl. A3

price: Euro 248,00   –  same picture as above -

Selected and matched set for professional music  and movie production.

For details check OKM II Studio button .

OKM II Rock-Klassik Studio incl. A3

ürice: Euro 375,00   – sam picture as above -.

For recordings with very high sound pressue like hard-rock sounds direct

in front of stage. More details check button Rock.



This windshield produce a total windsilent area around the ears.

So you can record without noises even on very windy days.

price: Euro 110,00

A3  30

A3 Adapter

The adapter A3 will push the sensitivity of each microphone another 4 dB.

So you can use the line-in of your recorder if the sound pressure is high enough.

price: Euro 89,00

A3-XLR - Kopie 30


A3-XLR Adapter

The A3 is same as A3 made for recorder and mixer providing phantom power and XLR mic-in jacks.

price: Euro 110,00




PPA Adapter

The PPA is recommende for studio use and for recordings with a long cable run – balanced signal transfer -.

price: Euro 135,00


dummy mdf skin pinnae 30

Dummy Head ” John ” made of MDF with skin colored silicon pinnae an screw thread for microphone stands.

price: Euro 348,00

Dummy Head ” John’” made of MDF bundle with OKM II studio classic and A3-XLR

price: Euro 575,00

dummy head PPA 20

Dummy Head ” John ” made of MDF  with build in PPA. The microphones are powered by phantom power

no battery is needed. Balanced signal transfer for long cable run for example from stage to mixer.

Preis Euro 569,00

Bundle with OKM II classic Studio

price: Euro 689,00

dummy alder 30

Dummy Head ” John ” made of alder with skin colored silicon pinnae and screw thread for stands.

weigth only 3.2 kg.

price: 595,00

dummy alder PPA 30

Dummy Head ” John ” made of alder with build in PPA adapter

price: Euro 728,00

Dumy Head ” John ” made of alder Bundle including binaural microphone OKM II classic Studio.

and A3-XLR adapter

price: Euro 845,00

dummy alder bundle 40

Bundle Dummy Head ” John ” with binaural microphone OKM II classic studio

and A3-XLR Adapter.

price:  Euro 725,00

If you own an old dummy head with implied pinnae you can get an upgrade set with

silicon pinnae and steel plate for microphone stands.

All prices are including 19 % VAT. Please ask for export prices.