Dummy Head "John"

Dummy Head “John” made of MDF with skin colored pinnae.

The Dummy Head provide a high-grade steel plate on the bottom with screw thread for microphone stands.


The dummy head “John” made of MDF is also available with build in PPA adapter. You will find on the bottom of

the dummy two XLR-jacks to connect the dummy head with the mixer or portable recorders.

Due of symmetric signal transfer the cable length for example from stage to mixer can be quite long. On the neck you will find a 3.5jack providing 7.2 working power for the Soundman microphones. It´s no battery needed in the set which makes this version suitable for measurement use.

dummy head PPA 20

Dummy head “John” made of alder

The dummy head made of alder is a real eye-catcher.

Using alder as basic material has the advantage that

the weight of the dummy head is only 3.2 kg compared

with 4.4 kg of the version made of MDF.


dummy alder 30

The version made of alder is also available with build in PPA adapter

dummy alder PPA 30

Here you find a bundle containing Dummy Head ” John “,

OKM II classic studio microphone and A3-XLR adapter.


dummy alder bundle

There is an upgrade set available with steel plate and

silicon pinnae for all user of an older dummy head

with implied pinnae.

Mr. Pavol Brenzina will do the calibration of the microphones for measurement use.

Please contact Mr. Brenzina direct unter:

“Mgr. Pavol Brezina, PhD.”

He is spearking Englichs whereby  a sample of

literature will be in Slovenian language.