Application as an Head-Set Microphone

To create originalhead-microphone recordings, position the microphone caps in your ears. The coloured sides should be facing outwards (red = right ear, blue = left ear).

Having the microphones sitting in your ears in this way allows recordings to be made which correspond to the user’s subjective perception of sound. When replayed, particularly through a head- phone, the recording brings into being a startling impression of three-dimensional space.

 Application as a Boundary Layer Microphone


The binaural stereo microphone head-set can be used as boundary layer microphone by putting it onto a smooth flat support (e.g. a table). The microphones should be placed approx. 5 – 10 cm apart, which enables an almost interference- free recording to take place. This occurs with an output-level that is 6dB as a result of pressure doubling at the boundary.

Application as a Clip-on Microphone


When a binaural stereo microphone head-set is used as a clip-on microphone, care should be taken to fix it firmly which would prevent any unwanted noise coming through as a result of friction. It is best for recordings of discussions, interviews, lessons, lectures, etc.  Clips to use as a clip-on-microphone you will find attached to each microphone.