OKM II Rock/Studio

OKM II Rock Studio

The OKM II Rock/Studio -Version is made for extraordinary high sound pressure  like hard-rock-music even recorded direct on stage. The Rock-Version is providing a hugh headroom for extrem high sound pressure up to  142 dB. 

The OKM II Rock/Classic is also recommended to record classic music  due of a very  good SN-ratio – low noise floor -.

This microphone -version is only available as studio-version.

For OKM II Rock/Classic  microphones we use Sennheiser capsuls.

technical data sheet:
-> directional characteristic: omni directional

-> frequency response: 2o….2o ooo Hz +/- 3dB
-> sensitivity: 5 mV/Pa +/- 3 dB
-> -46 dB ref 1V/Pa +/- 3dB
-> sound field: reversed
-> max. sound pressure SPL: 132 dB
     (142 dB, K= 3 % U gr. als 7,5 V, R=18 kOhm)

Equivalent S/N ratio level:
-> db ( A ), effective 26 dB
-> peek value ( CCIR 468-2 filter: 39 dB

-> feeding voltage: 4,5 V…+15 V