PPA Adapter

The PPA (Phantom Power Adapter) is used to connect the OKM to 48 volt phantom powered studio mixers and pre-amps. It provides an optimum voltage for the OKMs, and transformer isolated balanced mic level inputs.
The unit requires no battery, but uses the mixer/pre-amp’s 48V to power the circuitry that provides the bias voltage for the microphones. The mics are isolated from the 48V by two mini audio transformers.

The PPA is recommended for studio use. For portable recorders with XLR-Mic-in and phantom power we recommende the A3-XLR adapter.  Due of not standardised phantom power of some portable recorders the PPA could cause noises on the recording.

Adaptor Pre-Amp Gain Level with Signal Level without Signal
DACS Mic Amp 
* Nominal sound source with microphone proximity constant in both cases. ** Controlled isolation environment constant in both cases