OKM Teknologi

Introducing the OKM Technology

The OKM original head-microphone is a ball look Elektret-microphone which comes with an enclosed A3 adapter. This combination can be used to make excellent quality surround recordings.

The OKM-Microphone is exceptionally good for:

  • live-music recordings with outstanding spatial characteristics
  • high quality voice recordings – clip on microphone -
  • recordings using line-inputs – only with A3 adapter possibile –
  • dubbing movies with 3D sound
  • use as a border-surface-microphone

Using the A3 adapter, the OKM original head-microphone can be plugged directly into the line-in port.

The OKM original head-microphone is a new and uniquely designed microphone, developed especially for mini recording systems and digital cameras. Its special design allows it to be used for the most diverse applications.

For further information about our product, the technical data and application type, the news about the OKM and procurement-possibilities for dealers und customers, please refer to the sites listed in the bottom section. Should you have any further queries, please contact us.

The OKM technical data in connection with the adapter A3

  OKM I OKM II classic    OKM II Rock/Studio
Frequency range 20 Hz to 20 kHz 20 Hz to 20 kHz 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Channel Balance typ. < 1,5 dB typ. < 1,0 dB typ. < 1,0 dB
Channel Balance studio-versions typ. < 0,5 dB typ. < 0,5 dB
S/N ratio re 1 Pa approx. 58 dB approx. 61 dB circa 41 dB
Max. SPL
(without A 3 Adapter)
105 dB 105 dB      –
(with A 3 Adapter 20 dB att)
128 dB 125 dB 142 dB
Operating voltage max. 10 V 10 V 15 V

Recommende settings / OKM – Brief instructions

Recommended settings for OKM II K with A3 on portable recorders

SPL [dB] SP [Pa] estimated loudness Input ATT.
100 to 120 2 to 20 loud LINE - 20 dB
82 to 102 0,25 to 2,5 medium LINE - 0 dB
63 to 83 0,03 to 0,3 low MIC 20 dB 0 dB
43 to 63 3 to 30 very low MIC 0 dB 0 dB
  • Estimate the loudness and adjust your devices accordingly. Watch the level meter and set the desired recording level. Check the recording level control setting. If within 3…10 is ok, you can start recording.
  • If level should be low with control set to “10″ : Please choose the settings of the line below and try again. To minimize noise, approach the sound source.
  • Control settings below “3″ indicate that the sound level was underestimated and distortions due to pre-stage clipping may occur. Please choose settings of line above.

In case of very high sound levels (PA), the special version OKM II R (=Rock) is recommended. Then add 20 dB to above SPLs.