Interface for Iphone handys

Rode  SC6-L interface and Soundman microphonesRode SC6-L (1)

Nowadays the interface will take over the job of a portable recorder.

You can record with this interface  24 bit/48 MHz. To record

in stereo an adapter is needed ( 3.5 mm jack and 2 x TRRS plugs ).

This is a perfect interface for our Soundman binaural microphones.

You can record live-music and also recording in precarious situations.

Please ask for bundle with mics and interface.

The interface cost Euro 99,50 incl. adapter.

Mobile Lightning Audio Interface for iPhone

  • Allows the simultanious use of two TRRS microphones (e.g. smartLav+) and one pair of headphones
  • Compatible with all iOS devices with a Lightning connector
  • Built-in microphone preamp

  • Quality AD/DA converters (24bit/48kHz)

  • Stereo recording possible*: Mic 1/left channel, Mic 2/right channel

  • Audio output to iOS device: dual-mono (combined) or stereo* (separate)

  • Allows direct headphone monitoring*

  • Two TRRS inputs (3.5mm)

  • Stereo headphone output (3.5mm)
  • *With RØDE Reporter App (free-of-charge)

  • Requires iOS 11 or higher
  • Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 11mm
  • Weight: 16g